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Kingsize is a father, one of the Netherlands’ best rappers & avid cannabis enthusiast. Now he is putting his fame to good use: growing the cannabis industry to sizes it deserves. Because ‘weed was always there’ for Kingsize, but these days in a healthier balance than before. Uncle Kush talks to this great guy in S03E02 of the THC Podcast about all things cannabis. From the best breeders in NL to judging cups; and responsible use of the best weed on the market:


Kingsize is known as one of the best rappers in the Netherlands. But in addition, he is also a devoted father, label manager at record label Wild West and avid cannabis enthusiast. From a young age, Mark Smit – as his real name is – has been a fan of the cannabis plant. Like many, this started with (pre-rolled) haze joints with tobacco. But an increasing sense of paranoia left Kingsize hesitant to quit.

Then someone advised him to use something other than haze, and thanks to strains like “Bubbles,” his love of cannabis was really sparked. A personal journey of discovery followed, supported by his career. Because that allows him to try many of the best cannabis products in the world. Often first, usually for little or nothing and sometimes even one of the few.

Today, Kingsize maintains a responsible consumption pattern. In which the size 13 RIPTIPS play a major role in the “catch-up” he does in the evenings. With this he compensates for his sober days that he fills with hard work. By the way, we didn’t expect ‘Kingsize’ to roll with a ‘Slim’ paper either….

Kingsize is also Uncle’s one and only “Puffco Brother,” as both don’t go anywhere without it. So they find themselves at seshes and events often together with Puffco in hand, “nerding out” about all things cannabis.

THC Podcast with Uncle Kush

In this legendary, extra-long episode of the THC Podcast with Uncle Kush, Kingsize shares personal stories about his relationship with cannabis. There is a lot of dabbing, we roll extreme joints and we hear countless wisdoms about weed.

Because, says Kingsize, “you have to make cannabis work for you, you souldn’t have to work for cannabis. Which brings up an important point about the balance consumers need to keep in mind. Both for their own good, and the image they portray of cannabis consumers in general.

Check out THC Podcast S03E02 with Kingsize here:

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