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The best weed you grow yourself. But in both your indoor and outdoor gardens, you retain the risk of unwanted visitors. Insects such as aphids, mourning flies (fungus gnats) and slugs can actually have unpleasant effects on your plant(s). However, controlling them with toxic pesticides is not ideal either. Since they are bad for the ecosystem AND harm the consumer. That’s why Uncle Kush chooses nematodes from AaltjesOnline; for natural control of unwanted insects:

Growing the best weed

The best weed is grown at home. And while that’s generally pretty easy, you also run into challenges from time to time. In fact, our green friends out there (or inside in winter) are very attractive to certain insects. Which can cause damage to your carefully raised plants.

Because chemicals such as pesticides are harmful to both the environment and the consumer. In this review, we dive into the world of useful enemies. Or as we affectionately call them, Eelworms. But what exactly are these creatures?

What are nematodes?

Nematodes are the secret weapons for the home grower. In fact, these microscopic worms work wonders on your plants! These nematodes prey on insects such as fungus gnats, thrips and (naked) slugs, controlling their population and preventing infestations. For cannabis growers, that means healthier plants as well as higher yields. It’s like having an army of little protectors watching over your buds! But how do these little warriors actually do their jobs?

fungus gnat mourning fly nematodeonline the high cloud control pesticides
Sciarid flies are not only annoying, they also eat your plants!

How do nematodes work?

When you introduce nematodes into your breeding environment, they actively search for their prey. Once the eelworms find their target, they invade the body of the pest through natural openings. Whether it is meant to be an entrance or an exit, the Nematodes get in. Once inside, they secrete bacteria that multiply rapidly and consume the pest from within.

That sounds pretty gruesome, I know, but it’s nature’s way of maintaining balance in your garden. And rest assured fellow hobby growers: these nematodes will not harm your plants or other beneficial insects. They only target the bad guys! So (bumble)bees, ladybugs and other pals can safely continue to pollinate around.

Using nematodes in your (indoor) garden

Now you may be wondering if incorporating nematodes into your growing routine is a hassle. Let me reassure you, it’s a piece of cake! Uncle Kush would never just send you into the woods without a flashlight. To get started, order the right nematodes against your pest easily at AaltjesOnline. Most often they come in a convenient powder form that you can mix with water and apply to your soil or growing medium.

Simply follow the included instructions via the QR code on the package – or check OUR INSTRUCTION VIDEO at the bottom of this article – and you’re on your way to a pest-free paradise. It is a simple and effective solution suitable for growers of all levels.

Why no chemicals?

Nematodes are completely natural and environmentally friendly. Unlike chemical pesticides, nematodes do not leave harmful substances on your plants or in the soil. This means you can enjoy your homegrown cannabis without worry, knowing that it is free of potentially harmful substances. Unlike weed grown with harmful pesticides, which you then inhale or swallow.

So nematodes are also suitable for use with living soil

Moreover, eelworms do not adversely affect other beneficial organisms in your garden or cultivation. While chemical pesticides are often non-selective and can also harm friendly insects and bees, nematodes specifically target harmful pests. This maintains the ecological balance and you benefit from a healthy ecosystem. So nematodes are also suitable for use with living soil.

There is also the aspect of resistance. Pests tend to develop resistance to chemical pesticides over time, resulting in increasingly ineffective treatments. Nematodes, on the other hand, work organically and do not suffer from resistance problems. They therefore offer a sustainable and long-term solution for controlling pests. Which means you can count on their effectiveness every time.

Nematodes with 10% discount

So if you want to keep your cannabis healthy and pest-free, nematodes are the way to go. These microscopic warriors will fight those pesky insects and ensure that your plants reach their full potential. With their ease of use and incredible effectiveness, incorporating eelworms into your growing routine is a no-brainer. So grab these secret weapons now and let your garden become an inspiration to all growers out there. Stay green, stay high, and remember, Uncle Kush is always there for you!

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