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What are the Best Outdoor Activities in Amsterdam While High? Obviously many visitors will think Amsterdam is nothing more than Red-Light District, drunk tourists, stroopwafels and coffeeshops. But there’s actually more to do while you’re high, than just visit a sex-show in the Red Light District. As our friend The Moose will prove in this new series on With spring around the corner we asked him to please go out and find you the coolest outdoor activities in while high. Have you visited these spots already?

Best Outdoor Activities in Amsterdam

“I’m beautifully stoned but I’m itching for something to do outdoors in Amsterdam! Where do I go? What’s there to see?” Fret not, dear reader, for that’s exactly what’s ‘Best Outdoor Activities in Amsterdam While High’ is here for. Believe it or not, this lively city has much more to offer than just the Red-Light District, drunk tourists, stroopwafels and coffeeshops. And as we know, some activities are even more amazing when paired with the right kind of strain.

Whether you’re into nature, history or simply want to absorb and experience as much of this amazing city as you can, let our guide help you decide. There’s a lot to see and experience, so we’ll be splitting this up into a few parts. Part one of this guide is catered to those who seek a more chilled out and slow-paced experience outdoors. With a much needed first stop at munchie-heaven:

Munchies galore at De Pijp

best outdoor activities amsterdam the high cloud Sarphatipark in De Pijp Amsterdam
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There isn’t much to argue about as to why De Pijp is dubbed one of Amsterdam’s coolest neighborhoods. Easily accessible by tram from the Centraal Station (or if you’re up for a nice 3.5km walk), if there’s one thing you won’t have to worry yourself about over there, it’s satisfying those munchies of yours. Filled with cafes, restaurants, thirst-quenching pubs and bars and of course, the famous Albert Cuyp market, you’re spoilt for choice.

Just let your nose lead the way! Oh, and if you’re down for some authentic American Southern fried chicken, Uncle Kush tells me Ladybird Fried Chicken simply cannot be missed out on! This authentic US-chicken spot is ran by stoner-chef’s Noah Tucker and Tony Joseph; known from the Videoland-series: ‘High Cuisine‘. Feeling like some “al fresco” dining instead? Just walk on to Sarphatipark, a small English-styled park with meadows, a pond and even a historic monument. Don’t forget to check out the Amsterdam School’s interesting architecture too – just don’t go knocking on their door asking for Professor Charles Xavier.

Recommended Coffeeshop Nearby: Katsu Coffeeshop

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People (or bird)-watching at Vondelpark

best outdoor activities amsterdam the high cloud view of lake at vondelpark amsterdam park
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Vondelpark dates as far back as 1865 – making it only slightly older than Uncle Kush – and is a spacious green oasis in the middle of Amsterdam where interesting events are held all year round. It’s the perfect outdoor place (maybe not in the cold) to people-watch, sit down, read a book while looking at ducks or try to identify the more than 30 species of birds there.

Fun fact, the park was initially called Nieuwe Park and then adopted the name Vondelpark in 1867, when a statue of Dutch poet Joost van den Vondel was situated into the park. Feeling extra inquisitive? You can even book a guided bicycle tour to learn everything else there is about the park.

Recommended Coffeeshop Nearby: Coffeeshop Vondel

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Fall in love with The Hortus Botanicus

best outdoor activities amsterdam the high cloud hortus botanicus botanical gardens amsterdam in autumn
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Get high off a plant and then go see more plants. Why not, eh? The Hortus Botanicus is a botanical garden dating from 1638 (making it one of the oldest of its kind in the world!) in the city center. Here, you’ll find different species of trees and flowers which changes along with the seasons, a butterfly garden, greenhouses and a café too. Careful, you might even walk out with a potted plant or two. If you’re looking for a totally tranquil and Zen-like experience, this should be on your list of outdoor activities.

Recommended Coffeeshop Nearby: Coffeeshop Solo

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Get artsy and thrifty at NDSM

best Outdoor activities amsterdam artsy playground at NDSM
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No, NDSM isn’t a play on BDSM in the Netherlands. It is in fact, a really cool place. Across Amsterdam Centraal Station in Amsterdam-Noord lies a vibrant, colorful and interesting neighborhood called NDSM. This former shipyard has a great selection of bars and restaurants and also a prime spot for festivals, random parties, performances, exhibitions and all that jazz. How could we not include this in our list of ‘Best Outdoor Activities in Amsterdam while High’? Getting there is simple enough, just hop on the free ferry (ferry 906) that departs from Centraal.

For the latest info on what’s happening at NDSM, you can check out their website here.

Recommended Coffeeshop Nearby: Funny People Coffeeshop

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Smoke on the water with Smokeboat

best outdoor activities smoke boat on the canals of Amsterdam
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Wanna steer away from all the trams and bicycles that could prove hazardous depending on just how high you are? Try taking the canal route instead. While we’ve not tried this ourselves, we hear nothing but good reviews and feedback about the experience. Have a drink, smoke your stuff, chill out on a non-pretentious one hour boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam. You can even play your own music! Private tours are also available, so for more info and pricing, head on to their website.

Recommended Coffeeshop Nearby: Green House Centrum

Head to the beach at IJburg

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Oh yes, you read that right. A beach in Amsterdam! One of our dear readers recommended IJburg for this list and we felt it definitely would make a fine addition. Located about 25 minutes away from Amsterdam Centraal by tram, IJburg consists of six islands (all of which are man-made) and is a favourite spot for its beaches. Head on to IJburg Beach for some fun under the sun and there’s also the large Diemerpark for you to chill out at. If you’re game for some water sports, you can also try out jet skiing, wakeboarding or a relaxing boat cruise. We hear that there are even frequent festivals and activities that take place here, making IJburg a lively and interesting place to explore!

Recommended Coffeeshop Nearby: The Stud

As always, smoke responsibly dear readers. Try not to be a nuisance by smoking at public places with crowds, especially if consisting of children and the elderly. More importantly, stay safe and enjoy the city!

Best Outdoor Activities in Amsterdam not listed?

Is your favorite activity in Amsterdam while high not listed? Get in touch with us and we’ll gladly explore it!

Next up, we’ll be looking into some trippy and educational stuff you can do indoors in Amsterdam. Do you have an activity you tried out and would highly recommend? Hit me up at anytime!

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