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This time Uncle Kush has landed in the far north, at Coffeeshop De Medley in Groningen! This cool shop organized a special sesh for local (regular) customers, to get acquainted with Uncle and our way of consumption. A number of growers were also invited, both from the legacy market and the new legal market. Thanks to one of them – our friend Chris Thatdutchgrower (S02E04 of the podcast) – we even sampled one of Holigram’s potential new strains! Wondering how we rate this Groningen strain? Quickly check out the video now!

The Medley Groningen

It’s often not much in terms of coffee shops outside the Randstad, with a few exceptions. Still, De Medley in Groningen is one that is going strong. With an increasing focus on a diverse and up to date menu of weed and hash, edibles and more. But also a cool range of various events for fellow blowers and other cannabis enthusiasts. So Uncle Kush of The High Cloud gladly accepted their invitation to smoke up the place!

Sesh in The Medley

For this, the Medley invited a total of about 25 local enthusiasts, ranging from consumers to growers. This created a cool and safe atmosphere where tastes and stories were freely shared. Uncle talked to consumers about their favorites; as well as growers about their methods and preferences in terms of genetics. Modern strains, forms of consumption such as dabbing, vaporizers and RIPTIPS – all pass the review.

Prime Holigram Genetics

By the way, our friend from the show, Chris (Thatdutchgrower from S02E04 of the THC Podcast) did not come to the sesh empty-handed. Indeed, he came up with his latest homegrow. A jar containing possibly the first genetics he will release in his role as head breeder at cannabis experiment producer: Holigram. We talked about this company back in season 1 episode 9 with Patrick Stevens. We had the scoop and Uncle is doing his best (even with a cold, so we hear) to find out exactly what it is.

See this and more in the new UNCLE KUSH GOES SESH in the HIGH NORTH: The Medley – Groningen:

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