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Uncle Kush travels to Zwolle for the reopening of Coffeeshop De Pijp. After a major re-branding and minor remodeling, Uncle may “cut the ribbon” and officially reopen the joint. Unfortunately, smoking is not allowed inside, so we went looking for the coolest sm0kespots nearby! It became chaos as always & fun as you have come to expect from Unc…. Watch now: ‘Uncle Kush Goes Ribbon Cutting @ De Pijp Zwolle’

Coffeeshop De Pijp Zwolle

Coffeeshop De Pijp is a true household name in Zwolle. After all, the shop has been providing many locals with their smokes for years. So good, in fact, that the immense office space behind the store had to give way to customers to avoid lines at the door. So the entire shop has been pushed back, leaving much more space in the store for waiting customers at the huge new counter. And the need for it quickly became apparent around peak times. Where it was a constant coming and going of customers.

Uncle Kush Goes Ribbon Cutting

For the festive reopening, Uncle Kush was invited to reopen. And no one can resist such a cool invitation! Unfortunately, by order of the municipality, smoking is not allowed inside the shop. So Uncle headed out with locals (including friend of the show: Maurice of Stoner’s Paradise) to find some cool smokespots in the area.

It turned out to be a day full of slapstick, laughter, giveaways and fun conversations with local smokers. Speaking of giveaways, we are also giving away a Stündenglass ourselves! What you need to do to win that? Check out the video below for instructions:

Now check out the entire video HERE:‘Uncle Kush Goes Ribbon Cutting @ De Pijp (Zwolle)‘:

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