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Join Uncle Kush at the Coffeeshop Green Place in Amsterdam for The High Cloud Podcast SPECIAL with Drew Gilchrist: the UK’s nr. 1 C4nna content creator. He travels the world to find the best bud for his channel ‘DrewIsSharing’ and was even recruited to QC w33d for medical companies! How did he get into the industry & how is it to have such an impact on the community?


Drew Gilchrist makes content on YouTube since he was 12 years old. Though his break-through really came when he started making cannabis related content at a later stage. Nowadays he has a huge impact with over 20 million monthly views on his YouTube-channel: DrewIsSharing. Besides that, he now also does QC for medical cannabis companies in the UK.

So he travels the world to find the best bud for both his content, as the UK’s medical market. In Amsterdam he doesn’t need to travel far though, as Green Place on the Klovernierburgwal 4 satisfies Drew’s need for the most fire Cali! Thankfully they were kind enough to host us and make this Special Podcast possible for you to watch!

THC Podcast Special with DREW

How is it to have such an impact and huge following? What was his weirdest encounter with a fan and what are his faves in terms of cannabis? Learn that and more in The High Cloud Podcast Special with Uncle Kush and Drew Gilchrist!


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