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Which are the best coffeeshops in The Hague? Uncle Kush sent THC’s new reporter ‘The Moose’ on a mission to share with you some of the best the lowlands have to offer. From interesting events to finding out the fascinating stories behind some legendary coffeeshops. But also useful guides, tips, weird experiments and who knows what else. To start things off, he made his way to The Hague. Here he checked out three coffeeshops that in our opinion, stand out above the rest. These are the must-visit TOP 3 Best Coffeeshops in The Hague:

Top 3 Best Coffeeshops in The Hague

By now, you would probably have already heard that The Hague has steadily been climbing up the ranks as a city with some very notable and reputable coffeeshops. And there seems to be no signs of slowing down! From proper quality control to supporting local growers, legit knowledge and recommendations. And of course, absolutely inviting smoking lounges and cafes. These are but just some of what these coffeeshops have to offer. But which of these shops are good enough to make our Top 3 Best Coffeeshops in The Hague?

Note: One (of the many) factors these shops have made it to this list is because they value transparency and quality. These coffeeshops below all use Cannabytics, meeting the trusted shop criteria. The testings offered help determine cannabinoid and terpene content to a very high degree of accuracy. They’re also able to measure heavy metal presence and common contaminants including herbicides and pesticides to ensure you’re smoking proper, clean buds!

You can check out the highly informative (with some shocking revelations!) podcast episode with Greg Dennett of Cannabytics here.

3. Greenhouse Secret Farmers

thehighcloud visits greenhouse secret farmers the hague

Perhaps the “secret” bit in Greenhouse Secret Farmers is quite apt. Since these guys tend to prefer keeping to themselves and are rather under the radar. But boy do they do what they do well! This is only proven further by them having bagged the Jack Herer Cup in 2021 and 2022. Alongside a few others the previous years too. According to the Greenhouse Secret Farmers site, they’ve been in the coffeeshop industry for over 30 years. And their main philosophy is ensuring their products are responsibly and organically grown.

Courtesy of

Greenhouse Secret Farmers review

What we love: Their quality, price and selection is quite hard to beat. And honestly, their menu board is not only very informative. But damn, I find it visually appealing with the illustrations and logos for each strain. Everything about these guys exudes class. Including the metal containers your weed is presented to you in, by their friendly budtenders with spot-on advice and recommendations.

greenhouse secret farmers coffeeshop menu december
Green House Secret Farmers’ menu. A visual treat! (December, 2023)

Hitlist: Greenhouse Secret Farmers carry Cali, Canadian and homegrown Dutch strains. But they also pride themselves in their hash selectio. Including Moroccan, double-filtered, dry freeze, temple ball, limited edition rosin and also edibles. Some of our personal favourites? Slapz, Lemon Cherry Zkittlez and Zazaland. Want to find out more about rosin and dabbing? Check out Episode 2 of our podcast recorded at GHSF. Featuring Runa and Kees, two heavyweights in the ‘extracts game’.

Good to know: Greenhouse Secret Farmers’ got a cozy, modern-looking smoking lounge at the back if you’re feeling like settling down for a bit. Perhaps indulge in some of their edibles like red velvet cake, muffins, brownies or even syrup waffles, all prepared by a professional pastry chef! Yup, you heard that right. I’ve yet to try some but if you have, do let us know how your experience was in the comments below.

green house secret farmers opening hours

2. Dizzy Duck

thehighcloud goes to dizzy duck the hague
Dizzy Duck at Trompstraat

If there was a story about perseverance, dedication and passion, Dizzy Duck would be one of the coffeeshops at the forefront. They first started off at Trompstraat around 1991 and had a lot of challenges and obstacles to overcome. Yet here they are, still going strong. And in April this year, their second coffeeshop will celebrate its second anniversary! Dizzy Duck Downtown (just a stone’s throw away from Den Haag Centraal Station).

Courtesy of

Dizzy Duck coffeeshop review

What we love: Their attentiveness and how selective they are about the strains that are sold. A majority of their strains are by Dutch growers. Some even organically grown! While they might be a little more picky about say American or Canadian strains. Eventually it all boils down to the love and passion from the growers.

dizzy duck coffeeshop menu
Dizzy Duck’s menu (December, 2023)

Dizzy Duck Downtown carries approximately 19 strains. While the other Dizzy Duck branch has around 28 strains. And the latter is where you’ll also be able to find special or limited edition strains sometimes (refer to the menu above). Whichever branch you choose to go to, expect to be greeted by friendly, welcoming and enthusiastic staff.

Hitlist: Dizzy Duck can be considered as Hash Heaven. From traditional to filtered, frozen to special filtered. They’re constantly on the pulse and stay updated on the hash market and selections. For their weed selection, some of their award-winning strains from 2023’s HighLife Cup include OG #18, Fruit Joy, Sunsetz and Black Amnesia.

Good to know: They also have their own range under Dizzy Duck seeds. I also really like their glass Dizzy Duck jars. Which says “Duck the system!” across it and the trippy font and visuals used on their menu board. There is place to sit upstairs at the Downtown branch, but space is limited so keep that in mind.

Oh, and friendly owner Mike tells me to keep an eye out for some aesthetic changes coming this year. Not only in conjunction of Downtown’s second year anniversary. But I’m also guessing based on my last visit, their evidently growing popularity. It was packed!

dizzy duck hague address opening hours

1. Cremers

thehighcloud goes to cremers coffeeshop the hague

There’s quite an interesting history to the building in which Cremers calls home. As it went from a chic hat store to a famous bar. And now, one of the Hague’s most popular coffeeshops. Read on and you’ll soon understand how and why they’ve bagged many, many awards. This is since it’s in the good hands of owner, Gerard Smit who simply shows no signs of slowing down. You can check out the interesting chat Uncle Kush had with Gerard in one of our previous podcast episodes here.

Courtesy of

Cremers coffeeshop review

We love: At their coffeeshop, one can expect top-notch service and strain recommendations. This isn’t one of those places where they give you dirty looks if you have questions or queries. Instead, Cremers’ budtenders patiently let you look and smell samples and based on my experience, provide bang-on suggestions!

And trust me, you’ll be glad to have the budtenders help you. Considering their extensive menu consists of over 125 cannabis products. Cremers is home to more than 40 strains. At least 10 out of which are hazes. But they also offer a nice mix of locally grown and Cali-imported strains. Proudly sharing grower’s names too, like NiBaMeCa, Extractor, Phenohunters and more.

Curious about NiBaMeCa’s story? Uncle Kush has you sorted! Check out the podcast here

The Hague’s top coffeeshop recently added a whole fresh range of solid pre-rolls too (like the Cobra). And I absolutely love the fact that Cremers do the best they can to be environmentally conscious. For example by using recycled plastic packets for their buds and glass tubes for their pre-rolled joints.

Strains and more

But wait, there’s more! They have an impressive selection of CBD products too – everything ranging from honey, oil, hemp soap to even bath bombs. Ask them about it the next time you’re there.

jack herer cup cremers best haze flower

Strains hitlist: Grapesidos (award-winning strain), Galactus, Bubblegum Gelato, Tangy Cookies, Dela Haze (‘Best Haze Flower’, Jack Herer Cup 2023). You can read Uncle Kush’s review of Dela Haze here.

Done getting yourself some awesome buds? Maybe try hitting the Cremers Social Club next door. Here you can order food and drinks. It’s the perfect spot to chill and listen to good tunes. Or watch your favorite sports match on one of their many TV screens. Our recommendation would be their beer + chicken burger and fries combo for €17.50! Oh, and did we mention they’ve also got CBD beer and canna wine? So be sure to check on that along with the local beers offered, including their very own Cremers Blonde.

Unique Extra’s at Cremers The Hague

Good to know: Entry to their café is via reservation or for Goldcard members only. They also organize events like pub quizzes, sports screenings and even interesting talks and sessions on anything cannabis-related. I was told they’ll also be organizing a THC-infused food event next! Plan your trip to make the most of it. To keep track of all that’s going on, you could subscribe to their newsletter or follow them on Instagram.

cremers social club lounge canna kiosk the hague

Inside, you’ll also find the really unique Canna Kiosk. This is an almost arcade-looking machine with all the information you need. Such as what strains are being offered at their coffeeshop and their test results. And don’t forget to choose from the nice selection of vaporizers they have at hand for you to try out. Now really, with all that going on, can you blame me for not wanting to leave?

Don’t just take our word for it. Because Cremers recently won ‘Best Coffeeshop in the Netherlands 2023’. Both in the HighLife Cup 2023 as well as Jack Herer Cup’s ‘Best Coffeeshop 2023’. As the great lads at Cremers told us: “It’s a genuine place with a totally different smoking experience. So head on down and enjoy it with us”.

cremers address opening hours contact details

Honorable Mention: Coffeeshop Fly

thehighcloud coffeeshop fly II the hague

Recently, I got word about Coffeeshop Fly‘s resurgence and curiosity got the better of this Moose. What greeted me was a neat, minimalistic shop with friendly, enthusiastic budtenders ever ready to patiently show and recommend strains. I walked out with some Nevil’s Sour Rainbow, Cherry Sharpie and Obama Runtz, all of which were pretty darn good. What’s their story? What are their plans for 2024? These guys are up to something interesting and the quality of their flowers is undeniable. We’ll be heading back for more info (and buds) for sure.

coffeeshop the fly II the hague address opening hours

Have a coffeeshop, idea or something you’d like us to explore? Perhaps an interesting person from the scene or recommendations for the best edibles in town? I’m always curious! Don’t be shy, get in touch with me at anytime.

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