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NiBaMeCa 420 his grandfather was hash smuggler, his dad was a police officer & he is crazy about growing cannabis. He does it purely for fun and relaxation & invests all profits in his set-up. No mass production from dangerous rooms, but attention-grown, award-winning novelty weed. In S03E09 of The High Cloud podcast, Uncle Kush sits down for the first time with an unrecognizable guest, NiBaMeCa420:

NiBaMeCa 420

NiBaMeCa420 is officially a grower collective of two brothers somewhere in the Netherlands. Cannabis was hardwired into them, as grandpa was a hashish smuggler since the ’60s-’70s. His son, NiBa’s father, however, became a police officer. But found the Dutch policy in the early 2000s so bad that it was time to leave the Police.

Despite their father’s career, NiBaMeCa still chose to grow cannabis; being interested by it through family in Amsterdam. About 15 years ago, he put his first plant in the ground and has been completely sold on the magic of growing cannabis plants ever since. Although he doesn’t smoke much, if any, himself these days, nor is he really concerned about the money.

High-Tech Grow Set-Up

Money he already makes from his day job & all profits he makes from his small-scale craft-cannabis; he invests directly back into his set-up. That’s where the collective gets their satisfaction. Develop their own growing techniques and overall set-up. Sometimes this goes well and he buys a super-deluxe system to automate his entire climate system (air conditioning, ventilation and humidity control). But sometimes he makes a mis-buy, and spends 5.5k on a trimming machine that costs more than it brings in.

Proud parents NiBaMeCa

The best part of the story is, NiBa never was sneaky about his hobby to his parents. So when he wins another award, he gets proud congratulations from both parents. Also his father who is thus ex-police officer. At least this gives us hope for a green future….

Miracle C

Brothers NiBaMeCa are both big fans of the Friends of THC Podcast: Van Gogh’s Plant Nutrition. And especially the Miracle C. So Uncle Kush decided to give away 10 pieces of this booster to Discord members who grow. Would you like to win one of these 10 bottles of Van Gogh’s Miracle C? Then join Uncle’s Discord now and show your grow!

Now check out this interesting episode of The High Cloud Podcast with Award Winning Grower NiBaMeCa420:

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