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Uncle Kush talks with Edwin Bax, the owner and director of “Social Club” De Ambassade in Zwijndrecht. A nonprofit coffee shop, where he is a passionate c4nnabis enthusiast living his dream. They discuss his unique concept, passion for the plant in all ways, responsible use and much more in S03E08 of the THC Podcast:

De Ambassade Zwijndrecht

Edwin Bax didn’t have to think twice when he read in the newspaper that the shop he frequented had to close. He contacted the municipality, presented (with his advertising background) an impressively professional plan and was finally allowed to get started. He does things very differently than many of his peers, however, and started a non-profit shop.

De Ambassade is a “Social Club,” complete with card system on which only first name, residence and year of birth are recorded. This is useful, says Edwin, because it gives him insight into his “members” so he can serve them even better. Because as a true cannabis lover, Bax clearly has their best interests at heart. The entire menu is even tested by friend of the show, Greg of Cannabytics (S03E06). In addition, medicinal cannabis users will receive a 40% discount on almost the entire assortment at Social Club De Ambassade. For this, a doctor’s note is enough!

Edwin in the THC Podcast

Uncle Kush discusses with Edwin how he ended up owning a coffee shop as a hobby grower with an advertising agency. But also its unique concept, love for the plant, responsible use, the oldest customer of their shop and much more!

Watch this interesting episode now:S03E08 of The High Cloud Podcast ‘NL’se SOCIAL CLUB ‘THE AMBASSADE’: Edwin Bax’

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