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With much trial and error, Kariem designed the “Weedmill,” a pepper mill for weed! He sold his house for it, ran into delivery problems & lost the original partner in the project. But with Joep now by his side, new life has been breathed into the company. We talk about the sustainability of plastics, developing products in this tricky industry and finally getting them to actually sell. An interesting conversation with c4nnabis accessories visionaries in The High Cloud Podcast S03E07:


Years ago, Kariem got the bright idea of making a pepper mill to grind weed. This was because he was having trouble with normal grinders due to an injury, and cannabis did offer relief. What followed was years of prototyping, traveling, trial and error to finally reinvent the product entirely.

It once began as a metal mill, where, due to deliveryproblems, Kariem manually adjusted each weed mill. An impossible process that took a lot of time and money. Eventually, through field research and running into problems, the product was completely revamped. To the durable plastic model it is today. Of which even a limited number with THC Logo is available: SEE THC WEEDMILL.

Kariem and Joep

Joep joined later. But is a huge endorsement for designer Kariem whose mantra of “just making mills” focuses primarily on production. Therefore, marketing comes on Joep’s plate, who with his business studies has a perfect foundation for his position.

We talk with the boys about their path to a marketable product. Which is now sold even in The Bulldog coffee shops and Prix D’Ami. But also about the durability of plastic, the versatility of the Weedmill (now also available in limited edition on and their personal relationship with cannabis.

Now check out this interesting episode of The High Cloud Podcast with Uncle Kush “Pepper mill for weed: Kariem and Joep: Marymill.

the high cloud thc podcast weedmill s03e07 marymill uncle kush

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