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Maurice is perhaps one of the youngest cannabis entrepreneurs in the Netherlands. With his webshop “,” he is setting a new standard in consumption. In doing so, he focuses on innovative products that he himself enjoys using. This passion shines through and makes this go-getter, among others, the No. 1 Puffco seller in the country! We spoke to him about growing up in a small town without coffee shops, acceptance of weed in his community and the mega-plans with his webshop…. And his own coffeeshop!

Maurice from Stoner’s Paradise

At 23, Maurice may be one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the Dutch cannabis industry. Already 3 years ago he started from his parental home the now well-known webshop: On which he offers a wide assortment, of paraphernalia that he himself enjoys using. Because his passion for cannabis is what motivated him to start this webshop.


This once started with some rolling papers, bongs and entry-level vaporizers. But now Stoners’ Paradise offers an extensive range of A-brands in cannabis accessories. Like, for example, Puffco, the electronic dab-devices of which no one in NL sells as many as Maurice.

stoner's paradise
Stoner’s Paradise makes every sesh a unique experience!

All the more sour is the fact that as of July 1, 2023, Maurice is no longer allowed to sell these devices online. By a law that targets unhealthy liquid-vapes, but in 1 gulp also eliminates “herbal heating devices” from Dutch web shops. Fortunately, his entrepreneurial spirit does not let him down. So he devises clever ways to continue to sell Puffco (legally) on the Dutch market after all.

Future: Coffeeshop Stonerparadiijs?

Having grown up in Nunspeet, a village without any kind of cannabis culture or coffee shop, Maurice knows the importance of having a place where consumers can congregate. Since street dealers and consumption can pose a risk to young people who come into contact with cannabis too early (and too much). Maurice also saw this happening around him with friends. By offering consumers a place where they can safely consume inside – and get information about their products – you take a lot of nuisance off the streets.

His goal is therefore to work in consultation with the municipality toward a coffee shop license in Nunspeet. Ideally, of course, he would become the operator of this shop himself, which for him is not about money. In fact, if it were up to him, it would become a non-profit foundation. Focused on education, clean products and reducing youth nuisance and (problematic) consumption.

👉🏼Discover all about Maurice and his wild plans in the cannabis industry in THC Podcast S03E04 with YOUNG CANNA-ENTREPRENEUR MAURICE of STONERSPARADIJS.NL:

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