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The H4shman has long expanded his assortiment, it’s not just hash and weed anymore. Previously, he delivered a ridiculously beautiful BHO for The High Cloud Strain Review; and now he is again the first to have Hash Rosin reviewed by Uncle Kush. The three flavors provided appear to be of the same high quality we have come to expect from the North Holland plug. So we won’t leave you in suspense any longer, this is The High Cloud Hash Rosin review of: Lemon Sour Diesel, Guava & Coochie Runtz:

Hash Rosin from the H4shman

The H4shman has outdone itself again with a modest selection of bizarre quality. Because in addition to the fantastic cali-flower and BHO we saw earlier from this plug. He now comes up with 4 flavors of fantastically beautiful hash rosin. A concentrate made by freezing cannabis plants after harvest, making hash from them and pressing them out under a certain temperature.

You can see more about making Hash Rosin in S02E10 of The High Cloud podcast with the hashmakers of Trichome Science:

thc podcast s02e10 trichome science make your own hash rosin

We received three of the four delicious variations for this review: Lemon Sour Diesel, Guava & Coochie Runtz. Which we are going to test and review for you in exactly this order – to avoid saturation of the taste buds.

Lemon Sour Diesel Hash Rosin

The Lemon Sour Diesel is a wonderful sativa-dominant hybrid. Upon opening the jar, you immediately encounter an aroma of citrus, with distinct notes of lime and lemon. However, this hash rosin becomes special with its “sweaty” finish thanks to Diesel influences. This will create a sense of nostalgia especially for the older smoker; while still tasting truly modern.

lemon sour diesel hash rosin h4shman amsterdam the high cloud uncle kush review

A nice rosin to start the sesh with because you get a nice feeling of mental relaxation. So busy bodies can expect that “noise” in the head to diminish; while not getting tired from the dab. It may not be the lightest of the bunch. But as Nico told us in THC Podcast S02E10, that’s a matter of aesthetics. The color suggests it is a nice full spectrum product harvested at an ideal peak time. We take one more before moving on to the Guava.

Guava Hash Rosin

Whereas the Guava hash rosin has a lighter appearance than the Lemon Sour Diesel, both taste and effect are slightly heavier. The sativa-dominant hybrid is a Gelato phenotype with typical gassy undertones. Yet the predominant flavor is a tropical fruity aroma with significantly more relaxing terpenes. An absolute must-have for the sweet tooth and lovers of hash rosins like Papaya.

guava hash rosin the high cloud review uncle kush h4shman amsterdam

As mentioned, the Guava rosin is a bit spicier in effect and “clouds” your train of thought a bit more than the variant we tried before. In terms of texture and smell, a mega-attractive cannabis extract that even the experienced dabber should probably take some time to recover from.

Coochie Runtz Hash Rosin

Coochie Runtz is a very special hash rosin of a Runtz variety with an unknown strain. Therefore, the Runtz aroma is clearly present, but different from what you are used to from this strain. This crossing is supported by an almost chemical aroma of blue grapes with nectarine. Without getting too sexist, we may pause to consider the appropriate name; because she smells dirty delicious 😇😜.

coochie runtz hash rosin strain review the high cloud uncle kush h4shman amsterdam

Of the three extracts supplied, this Coochie Runtz is the lightest colored, but certainly not the lightest in effect. Because as you would expect from a gassy premium Runtz, this one really does ‘fxcks’ your head for a while. Coochie Runtz is therefore one of the hash rosins best kept until you have nothing left to do. Thanks to the genetics, however, you don’t have to expect instant couch lock after one dab. Scoop the pot with a bigger dabtool to have the evening fly by you without you even realizing it….

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