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Uncle Kush celebrates a milestone as he buys legally grown recreational buds for the first time in his life in a Dutch coffeeshop. Indeed, in Tilbrug and Breda, a start-up phase of the much-discussed “cannabis experiment” has begun. Of course, Uncle had to be there and taste from that first harvest. How is the legally grown cannabis from FYTA, Aardachtig and Canadelaar? What do coffee shops and their customers think of the price/quality ratio? Most importantly, are there points for improvement? You see it in: UNCLE KUSH GOES Weed Experiment: Getting Legal 🍁 in Tilburg & Breda:

Start-up Weed Experiment

The “cannabis experiment” is a hot topic on The High Cloud Podcast. For example, we already spoke with Patrick Stevens of grower “Holigram” at The Grass Company in Tilburg. Coincidentally, this is also one of the first coffeeshops where cannabis experiment weed is available; and Patrick also pops in to take a look. Because although the other eight municipalities are still anxiously waiting for cultivators to build. The Dutch government decided that the sale of cannabis experiment weed could be started in Tilburg and Breda. Provided three of the 10 growers could offer something.

Moreover, the biggest surprise was a seed in one of the buds!

FYTA, Canadelaar & Aardachtig

FYTA had been ready for ages, but now that Aardachtig and Canadelaar also harvested, the party could begin. Although supply is still quite scarce and volumes quite low (almost everything was sold out in the first few days). There were several shops in these “start-up municipalities” where this weed was available. So Uncle Kush and cannoisseur friend Runa got in the car and headed south for the big test.

Uncle scored legally grown weed from FYTA, Aardachtig & Canadelaar in Tilburg and Breda

Together they visited The Grass Company in Tilburg and had an interesting conversation with manager and good friend Jasper Rutten. Here they tested almost all of FYTA’s offerings and a few things (including the hash) from Canadelaar. Afterwards, the boys popped by De Baron in Breda to get their hands on friend Kees’ Aardachtig stuff as well. The Kees we spoke to in S01E02 of the THC Podcast, son of SSSC’s Karel Schelfhout (from S02E09) and now closely involved with grower Aardachtig.

Not fantastic

To be fair, expectations were quite high due to an early insight into FYTA’s R&D. And relying on grower friends who work at 2/3 active growers. So it was quite a disappointment to see the quality of the cannabis experiment weed now. Aesthetically not fantastic, in terms of smell hopeful but then 9/10 samples burn or smoke disappointingly. Moreover, the biggest surprise was a seed in one of the buds! Which one is that? Find out in the video: ‘UNCLE KUSH GOES Weed Experiment: getting legal 🍁 in Tilburg & Breda:

uncle kush goes cannabis experiment

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