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Lars, in a post to Uncle Kush via Instagram, asks which vape he would recommend for THC Oil. And that in itself is not a very crazy question. Especially considering how many THC-containing vapes are currently on the market. However, you cannot use just any THC Oil, safely in a vape. This is Uncle’s Advice on vaping THC Oil:

Which vape for THC Oil?

‘Yoo Uncle Kush! Which vape would you recommend if you have a bottle of THC oil to go with a vape’? With this question, Lars slides into Oompie’s DMs, who immediately sees a mega red flag 🚩 . ‘None man,’ said Uncle. ‘THC Oil, after all, is not made for vaping’. Assuming Lars means the usual alcohol extraction diluted with olive oil. The oil popularly called THC Oil or Weed Oil. This was made famous by Wernard Bruining, who we spoke to in S03E01 of the THC Podcast.

You can’t vape cannabis oil

Drink or Vape THC Oil?

“Should you just drink it then!?”, Lars asks in surprise. To which it immediately becomes clear to Uncle that Lars is not so sure what kind of product he has in his hands. ‘What did you buy?’, he asks. Lars replies, ‘nothing yet, but I saw on Telegram something about bottles of THC Oil’. Uncle sees the storm coming and advises Lars to look into the matter further. Especially before buying random bottles, and asks: ‘do you want to vape, or do you want oil?’

To make or not to make your own THC Oil for vape?

Lars doesn’t quite get it yet and says, ‘but people in my neighborhood throw that THC Oil in vapes sometimes. I want oil, just elfbar vapes.’ Uncle starts to get the picture and says, ‘so not oil, but vapes? Then you better buy a disposable through a plug’. “But why is it better not to do it yourself then actually?” asks Lars. ‘I also have a homie who has a refillable vape and puts that oil in it and still gets stoned…’

You see more and more disposable vapes in the European cannabis market….

Vaping cannabis oil

Uncle explains: “If you take pure cannabis oil, it can be done. But you can’t just put all oils in all Vapes. Some oils are made with solvents where residues may remain. It can be life-threatening to inhale those vapors. Other cannabis oils may be diluted with certain non-vaporizable oils such as olive oil. Those are obviously not suitable for in vapes either.’

‘Moreover, some oils are too thick. Whereby the atomizer of the vaporizer is not filled fast enough. Then you can ingest carcinogenic smoke from dry heating the atomizer. And so there are countless other reasons to think about this very carefully. If you know what you are doing, you can do quite a lot yourself. But then you have to dive right in to the matter and really understand it. So that you understand with what extract / vape you get the desired result.’

This really helps Lars, who says: aha that’s valuable information! Thanks man, learned something new! 💯’. Hopefully Lars will look into the type of oil he purchases well, before making any decisions.

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