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Join Uncle Kush for an interesting conversation with 75 year old SOMA from Soma Seeds. As he shares anecdotes from back in the day. Such as smoking weed with Jack Herer on airplanes and falling in love with Amsterdam when he visited Ben Dronker’s Cannabis Castle. But also the mistakes he made as a rookie grower / breeder. We learn about his perspectives on life, the changing industry and new skool strains. While we also discover the origins of some of SOMA’s legendary creations. Like Amnesia Haze, New York City Diesel and many more.

Soma (Mushroom Marc)

Soma (Marc) is almost 75 years old and has been smoking weed for almost six decades. Through the years he changed from wanting to work in the corporate world. To a full-blown hippie advocating to free the plant. This all started when he was first introduced to cannabis at the age of 18. While working in the mail room for IBM. His first encounter with cannabis led (then still named) Mark to discover the wonders of the psychedelic world. Trying out almost every psychedelic you can think of, Mark began to form his new personality: Mushroom Mark.

But then when he got more into growing and breeding cannabis strains, his name changed to Soma. Moving from state to state in the US, growing cannabis, finding strains and breeding new ones. At one point he met Jack Herer. After both gave a talk at a cup in Oregon, Jack invited Soma to join him to Amsterdam. This was in 1994, the year that Sensi Seeds’ Ben Dronkers introduced: Jack Herer. The revolutionary cannabis cultivar named after the grower from the US.

Soma Sacred Seeds

Soma returned to the US bearing these seeds and started growing them, breeding with them and thriving at it. However, the climate was hostile and the entrepreneurial hippie was arrested, trialed & jailed. Moreover, at one point he even became a fugitive because of cannabis. With Amsterdam’s vibes in mind, Soma decided to take a chance and moved to the Netherlands.

As an illegal immigrant he started his seed company from the attic of a hardware store. Then turned it into a blossoming business feeding multiple families. Including his own of course, of which he speaks very highly. Highlighting that he always made time for his dearest pastime: his family. Even while building a challenging business and advocating for the plant.

Origin of Amnesia Haze, Anecdotes & Life Lessons

Uncle’s conversation with this living legend is definitely one for the books. As Soma talks about how he started his career in cannabis. But also shares funny and emotional anecdotes & teaches us about the origins of his most legendary creations. Such as Amnesia Haze, New York City Diesel, Lavender OG & SoGouda; to name a few.

JUMP IN and watch ‘‘THAT’S WHY I CALLED IT AMNESIA HAZE’: SOMA Seeds – The High Cloud Podcast S04E03‘ here NOW:

Soma Seeds The High Cloud Podcast Uncle Kush

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