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Traditional smoker Kick began his career in cultivation, but later went into oil & vapes. However, this got out of hand when alternative cannabinoids such as HHC and THCP made their appearance. Morally he could no longer do it, but fortunately he met Chu. A non-smoker who, by working in the cannabis industry, identified a problem and conveniently solved it. In fact, Chu developed the first and only all-in-one DYI machine for edibles, infusions and extractions. Uncle asks them in THC Podcast S04E02 about alternative cannabinoids, their invention and the challenges they face as a a smoker and non-smoker who work together AND are a couple:

HHC, THCP and alternative cannabinoids

Although Kick began growing cannabis himself as an enthusiast; he became unmotivated by the repressive policies in the Netherlands. After trying to ground himself in Lanzarote, however, he returned to the Netherlands where he began working with an old school friend. This school friend had inherited a list of formulas Ronald Glas used to make CBD & CBG oils for specific effects, among other things. After all, the professor had researched all this and recorded it in his legacy.

Since they had no license to use THC however, THCP was used as an alternative. In low doses an excellent supporter of the entourage effect in a CBD oil. But soon things got completely out of hand with the alternative cannabinoids. Especially when other synthesized substances such as HHC made their appearance. Its effect was far removed from that of normal cannabis; and its origin became increasingly unclear. So Kick thought enough was enough and stopped producing – at that point – pallets full of HHC vapes and other products containing alternative cannabinoids.

Pot by NOIDS: All-In-One DYI Weed Oil Making

Then Kick met his current partner Chu. Who does not smoke cannabis herself, but through working in the cannabis industry has identified a problem: how messy it is to make good cannabis oils and edibles. So she designed the first and only all-in-one DYI edible and cannabis oil maker: the Pot by NOIDS. A device that can decarboxylate, infuse and extract. Suitable for both CBD and THC starting material and also helps you recover alcohol upon extraction.

The device is packed with smart sensors, is absurdly user-friendly (and fool-proof) and looks great, too. We are very grateful that Chu was willing to explain this cool device to us and that she and NOIDS are co-sponsoring this season of The High Cloud Podcast. Make your own cannabis oil or edibles? Nowadays you can do this safely, easily, smoothly and inexpensively with POT by NOIDS – Use THC10 for €10 off!

Want to know more about HHC, THCP & alternative cannabinoids as well as how to safely and easily make your own cannabis oils and infusions for edibles? Then check out‘ALL ABOUT HHC, THCP & MAKING YOURSELF WlETOLY WITH NOIDS’: Chu and Kick – The High Cloud Podcast S04E02′ NOW:

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