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WAS GIBT BERLIN? Uncle is honored to welcome the DOJA team (Ryan and Rae) in The High Cloud Podcast. In the special podcast-studio at Mary Jane in Berlin we talk about his start in the industry and how the brand has built international success. But also fake DOJA on the market, the secrets to their quality, pricing of cannabis and deal with some technical challenges during this first episode coming from the Jack Herer Cup studio in Berlin. This one is for the books!


Ryan (doja.pak) started smoking weed back in the late 90’s, and almost immediately began selling the herb. But it was only until later that he started ‘DOJA’, a cannabis brand which he built up from the ground. Reaching full-blown international success today. The success clearly comes from the passion for the plant and the love for spreading that passion. As DOJA partners up with amazing breeders, growers and facilities to bring the best possible cannabis flower onto the market.

Not only flower though, as Ryan tells us he’s working with batch-match hash rosin. Where you can get both flower and hash rosin off of the same batch. Imagine smoking a DOJA batch-match-hashhole, terp overload… And then imagine smoking it fresh off the farm, right out of curing. As we ponder how it would be if DOJA was able to send out refrigerated transportation from the states; ensuring a fresh product to the end consumer.

Cali, Michigan, Canada and Europe

Where DOJA sets itself apart from other canna-brands is their global view on the market. Utilizing every possibility in various geographic areas, Ryan has been able to build something unprecedented. With grows in California and Michigan, working on a GMP facility in Canada for R&D and easy expansion to other legal markets like Asia. But also the DOJA Cannabis Social Club in Barcelona. Offering a spot for DOJA fans to grab the original stuff fresh off the shelves. Which he does not transport there himself, we’d like to point out!

But a place like this is needed, considering the fact that there’s a lot of fake and old DOJA on the market. As Ryan and Rae tell us in the podcast, they were already shown one fake Doja Pack and one historic (2018!) Doja tin can in the morning before we recorded. We also talk about the price point and difference between US and Europe as DOJA compares his weed to a bordeaux wine.

European Cannabis Market

One thing is for sure though, the DOJA team loves the European cannabis market. As Ryan explains, this is due to various reasons, but is mainly because of the European consumer and their strain loyalty. No wonder he loves to be out here to talk to fans, smokers and exchange genetics to develop. We wonder what’s next and can’t wait to see the next innovations coming from this cannabis-mastermind.

Check out the episode ”I ONLY PUT OUT WHAT I LIKE’: DOJA (Ryan and Rae) – The Hīgh Cloud Podcast S04E04′ here now:

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