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On the last day of Spannabis ’24, it’s D-day: Donuts & Donuts at FELIZ. Where Uncle shares and gives out his stash to the community before heading back home. Because caring fathers Uncle & Kingsize are having fun but are “emotionally chilling”. All the homies and other visitors are tired too, we learn from our round of microphones at 101Barz, so it is the perfect timing to close with this KingxKush Mega Sesh in our living room in Barcelona:

Donuts @ FELIZ

The last mile lasts the longest… or will relief be offered? During the last day of Uncle Kush’s visit to Spannabis edition ’24, it’s D-day, Donuts Day. At Social Club Feliz, donuts are eaten, rolled and smoked profusely. Together with familiar but also unfamiliar faces, the last supplies are consumed, resulting in the necessary anecdotes.

For example, rapper Kingsize is emotionally chilling, veteran Jack Giman is displaying his duo Puff skills, Onnick (Greenmeister) fears smells on the plane and Maurice (Stoner Paradise) is craving a burger. After all the fun of the past few days, it’s time to go home, we at The High Cloud can’t wait for edition 2025 of this fantastic event.

Check out“DONUTS & DONUTS with KINGSIZE & UNCLE KVSH @ FELIZ BCN – Day 4 – Uncle Goes SPANNABIS ’24” now:

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