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Uncle Kush is happy to assist smokers with burning questions about weed. So in Uncle’s Advice on The High Cloud, you’ll find all kinds of answers to a variety of questions; from novice to more experienced cannabis enthusiasts. This time @eenoog_worldwide seeks advice from Uncle Kush via Instagram with the question, ‘can you roll a joint using cannabis leaves as a papers?’

Cannabis leaf rolling papers

‘Hi,’ says Reno a.k.a. @oneye_worlwide in the DM to ‘I have a question, and since you have a weed podcast you must know something about it. Can you roll a joint using cannabis leaves as rolling papers?’ And Uncle Kush is happy to help with that burning smoker question! Because it’s probably not as easy as it sounds….

rose petals joint paper
Some people even roll joints from rose petals!

Alternatives to good rolling papers

Uncle Kush: “Hey Reno! Thanks for your interesting question 😃 To smoke a nice joint you always need good rolling papers. But, of course, there are some alternatives – such as bluntwraps – that you can use to customize the experience a bit. I actually wanted to say improve first, but that doesn’t apply to everyone!

There are even people who sometimes roll their joints with rose petals. This even became a trend in 2017, we see here at our friends at BUT all these alternatives have in common that they are quite smooth. By that I mean just reasonably flat.

Clumsy fingers

This is because if you have thick veins in it (like the ones in the middle of the finger of a weed leaf), it might affect the way your joint burns. Not only that, the fingers of cannabis leaves are generally quite thin. Large bracts of so-called ‘Indica’ or ‘broad leaf marijuana’ might be large enough. But then the veins are also a lot larger and therefore unhandy to roll and smoke with.

thick weed leaves uncle kush
These leaves may be large enough, but still not suitable to use as a rolling paper….

In addition, weed leaves are far too wet to smoke when fresh – and impossible to roll with when they are bone dry. They would crumble to dust on the first try. So you could technically try to find the perfect time to roll and smoke. Although there is a good chance that the joint would still not burn well because of the veins.

Rolling papers from hemp or weed

However, you can use cannabis leaves (or hemp leaves) to make rolling papers with. There is already widespread use of the leaves, branches, and stems from legal hemp cultivation to make hemp rolling papers. This is an environmentally friendly alternative to “regular” wood pulp or rice papers. It’s not everyone’s favorite, but it does exist!

There are also bluntwraps made from hemp. Nicotine-free and therefore a lot better than regular blunts. All of that is not for Uncle Kush by the way, I prefer to stick to good pure weed with unbleached papers from ZALIG.CO. Try it yourself? Order them now here and use discount code THC10 for 10% off!

Smoke a fat one on it!

Did I answer your question sufficiently with this? Reno is pleased and replies, ‘Thank you for that answer, this definitely helps because on the internet I couldn’t find a clear answer anywhere. And I always enjoy your podcast, a real podcast that explains and goes deeper into it.’ And we really appreciate that compliment 🤩 “I wish you a good night and I’ll smoke a big fat bat on you” and Reno didn’t lie a word about that:

fat joint weed leaf papers
Reno doesn’t do half-assed work and smokes a fat – or long? – bat on Uncle Kush

By the way, if you want to roll such a long one yourself, you can also visit our Flemish friends at ZALIG. With their 4-meter-long paper on a roll, you can make it even longer. How long can you roll a joint with this long roll of paper?

Do you have a question of your own for Uncle Kush or want to add anything to the information above? Email or contact us at Instagram.

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