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Uncle Kush generally doesn’t like to smoke haze, but this classic S5 Amnesia from Coffeeshop Relax is a welcome exception. A true ‘Sativa’ – if we can still call it that – and a welcome option on Amsterdam’s coffee shop menus. Will this haze win over our kush lover? This is The High Cloud Strain Review of S5 Amnesia from Coffeeshop Relax:

S5 Amnesia Haze

Haze-lovers beware! Uncle Kush has crawled out of his kush valley to review a haze; and not just any haze. Because this S5 Amnesia Haze from Coffeeshop Relax can safely be counted among the highest ranked (pun intended). If only because we are dealing with a classic haze strain for a change. And we mean the non-pumped-up commercial Amnesia genetics.

This ‘S5’ is a specially selected pheno from the crossing of two true haze strains. This can be seen in the airy structure of the bud, where you can easily visually distinguish each separate calyx. They are a little harder to actually separate from each other though, since they stick together from the enormous amount of oily trichomes. This close-up, taken with the Dankoscope from Delta9 analytics shows this layer of goodness beautifully:

Smell and taste S5 Amnesia Haze

You can also smell right away that this is a real unadulterated ‘amazing’ haze, thanks to its unmistakable scent. The S5 begins with a fresh pine scent and lemon peel-tinged citrus notes. The ‘bitterness’ of this may be in the slightly chemical, almost rubbery aromas; which are secretly hidden somewhere in this terpene profile. There is also a distinctly sweet tone of blueberry underneath, which softens the typical sharpness of the haze. Which will make your mouth water when you smell this strain.

Fortunately, that desire is fulfilled when smoking this strain. For where many a haze tastes sharp and smokes unpleasantly – especially without tobacco – this classic is surprisingly flavorful and clean. It doesn’t bite back, so to speak. And that’s a very positive surprise for our Uncle Kush, who has been afraid to shop in the “sativa” section of coffeeshops for ages. You could almost say: unique!

This S5 Amnesia Haze from Coffeeshop Relax is surprisingly good!

Effect S5 Amnesia

Surprisingly, this strain doesn’t immediately knock you off your seat. And that’s kind of nice if you want to get something done after you’ve smoked. So the effect initially sets up rather slowly and starts as a fine head high. Kind of like having a couple of espressos without having to go straight to the bathroom.

Take a little more of it though, and the Amnesia really comes out. It also took a little longer than usual to write this strain review. But hey, once you get into it and can resist the distractions around you; this S5 Amnesia will help you get further into a positive, productive and creative flow. The office of The High Cloud was also immediately cleaned up and rearranged under the influence of this delicious haze. An excellent strain for daytime use.

Coffeeshop Relax

Coffeeshop Relax is, in its own words, the coziest shop in Amsterdam. Whether that is true is, of course, something you will have to find out for yourself. But at least they’re in one of the city’s coziest neighborhoods: the Jordaan. With a homely and – how could it be otherwise – relaxed atmosphere, both regular local customers and tourists can be found there.

In addition to a nicely balanced menu, which includes among other fine weed, hash, edibles and pre-rolled joints; this S5 Amnesia Haze for only 10 euros. Relax is also the place to go for a cup of coffee without having to get stoned if you don’t want to. Enough reason to stop by one of their two – or both – locations: Relax Center and Relax South.

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