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Lemon Haze – the real one – from Coffeeshop DNA

Lemon Haze is arguably one of the most famous Dutch strains in the world. This delicious fresh cannabis strain has dominated the menus in our coffeeshops for years. But the majority of it that’s out there, is no longer of the same high quality as it used to be. Fortunately, there is now a beautiful batch of this strain at Coffeeshop DNA in Amsterdam, so we could get started with it! Discover Lemon Haze’s The High Cloud Strain Review below:

Lemon Haze

Lemon Haze is a fresh cannabis strain that is known for its enormously uplifting effect. The strain stems from a cross between Lemon Skunk and Silver Haze and therefore generally has Limonene and Pinene as dominant terpenes. This haze therefore smells and tastes intensely of citrus. But this acidity is carried and softened by a fresh pine scent.

Despite the Skunk influences, this cultivar also tends more towards a more elongated, sativa-like bud structure due to the Haze influences. Although with the real Lemon – unlike many other hazes – you also have a fairly solid nug thanks to the Skunk influences. In addition, we are increasingly moving away from categorizing cannabis as indica or sativa. In contrast, nowadays we look more at the dominant terpenes in the strain rather than just flowering time and effect (soothing or invigorating).

The distinctive aroma of this Lemon Haze is reminiscent of how the strain used to smell. In the late 90s and early 2000s, this haze dominated just about all coffeeshop-menus in the Netherlands. Unfortunately though, the quality has not improved over the years. Since many types of cannabis are crossed in order to achieve a maximum yield. Deteriorating the smell, taste and general quality of the cultivation. But luckily, at Coffeeshop DNA they still appreciate the real Lemon Haze.

lemon haze bud coffee shop dna mascot papers
At Coffeeshop DNA they know what real Lemon Haze is!

Effect Lemon Haze

The effect of this haze is very present and you really have to love it. Since strains that contain a relatively high amount of limonene and pinene can give you quite an uplifting feeling. LH, for example, gives most users a lot of energy, which makes them talkative and get laughing kicks. That is of course great if you want to have a nice afternoon with friends or go out in the evening.

However, if you are restless or anxious, Lemon Haze can actually make you more restless or anxious. Some people will experience this as a paranoid feeling. If this happens, it’s best to take some CBD to take the edge off. You can also mix the flower with some CBD or a calming strain when smoking. For example, if you want to enjoy the taste, but don’t want to go through the roof as if you just had one to many espressos.

Coffeeshop DNA

Speaking of espresso, that’s not what visitors of coffeeshop DNA come in for… DNA is a lovely cannabisshop in Amsterdam Oud-Zuid, near the Olympic Stadium. The shop has recently been completely renovated in the style of Amsterdam Genetics, the lifestyle brand to which DNA is linked. The store is therefore dressed in beautiful wood and marble and gives a very luxurious look. With knowledgeable and hospitable staff, Achillesstraat 104 is the right place for a great shopping experience and a delicious Haze.

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