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Here it is! The High Cloud podcast in which Uncle Kush gives us a sneak peak into the Dutch Cannabis industry. Using the stories from newbies and veterans in the world of weed. He smokes the most exotic strains and extracts together with friends and entrepreneurs from the industry While they talk about all things cannabis. NOW ONLINE on all channels!

The High Cloud Podcast

Just like the cannabis-plant, the THC Podcast started with a seed. A small idea inside Uncle Kush’s mind, which slowly developed roots and flowered into a grown-up concept. Because where The High Cloud actually started as a hobby-project with only one episode. It turned into three guys working on a brand; and a serious series with 6 episodes in the first season.

Season 1 of the THC-podcast

The High Cloud Season 1 is a completely Dutch podcast-series about the cannabisindustry. Made by and for people with an above average interest in cannabis. Uncle Kush talks to coffeeshop-owners and other entrepreneurs from the bizz – from veterans to newbies, who’re trying to rejuvenate the cannabis-scene. While they enjoy today’s most exclusive and sought-after weed and hash. To discuss all things surrounding cannabis.

Episode 1 NOW online on all channels

In the first episode of The High Cloud Podcast, Uncle Kush talks to entrepreneur Jack Giman and expo-veteran Tom Brouwer. Jack and Tom both work in the industry for quite some time now and traveled the world to see and work at various cannabis-expo’s.

That is why they talk about things like: scoring dope in China and running from the cops in Chili, smoking weed with and without tobacco and sprayed weed in coffeeshops. All the while enjoying the most exotic Cali-strains, selected by Coffeeshop Family First from Amsterdam.

This all happens in the amazingly dope smokers-office of This company stood at the start of Uncle Kush’s cannabis career, which makes it extra special that this first episode of the podcast-series is recorded there.

Check out The High Cloud Podcast S01E01 now on YouTube, Spotify, WeedTube or one of the other podcast-channels.

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