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Sour Shizu by is undoubtedly one of today’s most sought-after strains. While it is only launching in the official tomorrow on ‘4/20’, our good friends from @coffeeshopfamilyfirst already offer it on their menu! Catering to the popular demand of every exotic Cali-lover in Amsterdam (and beyond)…🤤 This is The High Cloud Strain Review of Sour Shizu:

Sour Shizu strain review

As soon as the amazingly designed jar of Sour Shizu ( opens, you are greated by a pungent, sourish Kush-aroma. The firm – but luckily not PGR-pumped – buds are covered by a nice layer of THC-loaded trichomes; and lots of visible dark-orange pistils. And with a variation of soft green colors, the fresh imported flowers look exactly the way they should look.

Though it is mainly the aroma which makes it difficult to keep this jar filled for a longer period of time. Considering the complex terpene profile of this exotic strain attracts both the starting flavor-chaser; and the more experienced terp-hunters.

Sour Shizu effect

The sweet/sour diesel-like terpenes in Sour Shizu give you an intense and long-lasting head high. Although the indica-influences in this hybrid strain are also physically noticeable; as you can feel your muscles release tension and feel more relaxed in general after you consume it. 🤗

Sour Shizu was part of the selection by Coffeeshop Family First for the first episode of The High Cloud Podcast, featuring guests Jack Giman and Tom Brouwer. With a true ‘Z-terps’-nut at the table, this strain was a great succes. Moreover, the enormous and beautifully designed packaging also make the pictures of this strain review a sight for sore eyes; and it perfectly filled up the set at the office.

The distinctive design on the label make these strain-pics extra beautiful!

Coffeeshop Family First

This specific sample is from Coffeeshop Family First. An innovative shop on the Amstel 36, in the heart of Amsterdam. A shop that is also talked about in detail in S01E01 of The High Cloud Podcast!🎙🎥


ℹ️The information in this post is merely meant for educational purposes. We do not sell any of the items displayed in these images and will not tolerate solicitations🚫

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