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The Strawberry Banana weed strain is a well-known high-THC cannabis variety; available in most (il-)legal cannabis markets. This particular sample is from Coffeeshop De Loods in Amersfoort; which is currently under construction, but still in business. Discover more about the flavour, effect and price of this product in The High Cloud Strain Reviews below:

Strawberry Banana 🍓🍌

StrawNana (@dna_army x @seriousseeds) was the big hype-strain a few years ago, reigning in the top-3 of most expensive buds on many menu’s since 2014. Today however, it is one of the lower-priced indica’s you’ll find on the menu @coffeeshop.deloods in Amersfoort. Though it’s structure and fruity, yet kushy, terp-profile would suggest otherwise!

Strain Review

The first strain review here on The High Cloud is a nice mid-shelf bud for a low-shelf tag; ready to offer you relaxation and peace of mind at the end of the day. With a tasteful inhale, activating a quick head high thanks to the prevalence of limonene in the strain. This is one of the many aromatic terpenes found in cannabis, responsible for the energizing effect of lemon-strains like lemon haze, for example.

Though after a while the effect of Strawberry Banana turns into a more relaxing sensation of the body, due to the indica influences in the strains genetics.

Coffeeshop De Loods in Amersfoort

Coffeeshop De Loods is a nice shop, which is currently under construction to look super slick – we saw the designs. Considering the shop is situated in the middle of an industrial area, it is fairly easy to reach by car and public transport. Hence why De Loods mostly caters to residents from Amersfoort, coincidental passers-by and people traveling to Amersfoort especially for this store.

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