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Seppe smokes weed daily, is a student at Ghent University and has exams soon. But since he has been having trouble concentrating lately and is suffering a bit from brainfog; he is thinking of quitting cannabis for a while. Although he’s not sure if that might actually backfire on his performance. Especially so right before exam week. So in this “Uncle’s Advice,” Uncle Kush gives advice on Seppe’s jonko-related exam stress:


Seppe is in a dilemma: “Yoww, I use cannabis almost every day of the week and I have exams at university in a week. I suffer somewhat from brainfog and the feeling of not being able to focus with it. That is all my paranoid thoughts make of it. Do you think I should better stop using cannabis for a while or is it going to have a worse impact on my performance should I stop now?

Fortunately, Uncle Kush knows how to advise on this: ‘Hey Seppe! If you are unsure whether cannabis is an additive or an inhibitor; a tolerance break is not a luxury. But also, I recommend you start with CBD. After all, this counteracts THC’s unwanted side effects, such as brainfog!

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CBD/weed works wonders?

But, as it turns out, Seppe is already familiar with CBD. Though he never took it consistently enough to benefit from it: ‘Thanks for taking time to answer my question! I will definitely look into CBD. Got it once from a friend but couldn’t keep it up consistently because I didn’t notice any “effects.” It’s already been made clear to me that you don’t really feel “effects” right away.

Weed works wonders, even if the government won’t look into it

Then the student tells a personal story about CBD: “By the way, the friend I was talking about is being helped for medically unexplained pain in his leg. The only thing that helps is CBD. I just mention it because I think it is interesting information. Weed works wonders, even if the government doesn’t want to look into it. But it’s starting to come around!

I am studying criminological sciences at the University of Ghent. Here 2 weeks ago I was taught about cannabis and the legalization of cannabis. 1 of Belgium’s greatest and best-known lawyers came to give a plea on why cannabis should be legal. Universities are beginning to see it, now the government’. From which Seppe clearly shows his commitment to Belgian (and global) cannabis policy.

CBD advice

To which Uncle Kush responds, “Super dope! Cool that you are so involved with it’. Next, Uncle Kush tries to help Seppe his way a bit in the jungle called CBD products. For example, he advises, “Try the CBDactive+ from that address I sent you. But if you want to benefit from it you will have to use it for at least two weeks, every day at least twice.

CBDactive+ is an activating, water-soluble CBD formula. It may offer mental focus, resilience and thus increase your perseverance. Moreover, it may also offer relief from mild physical discomfort at the indicated dosage. Oh, and don’t forget discount code THC15 for 15% off, saves a lot anyway!

Seppe is pleased and replies, “I’m going to order it from the website in a moment. Thanks for helping! And thank YOU for your question and good luck with your exams, Seppe!

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