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It is safe to say that White Choco Haze (WCH) is an Amsterdam classic. Yet this particular bud comes from another city: Amersfoort. Coffeeshop De Loods has this amazing strain on the menu and that is not surprising; considering their collaboration with Amsterdam Genetics. The breeder of this strain and cannabis lifestyle-brand from the Dutch capital. This is The High Cloud Strain Review of WCH:

White Choco Haze

This is truly an Amsterdam cannabis strain, straight from lifestyle-brand Amsterdam Genetics. It is a cross between their first showpiece ‘White Choco’ with a fantastic ‘Mexican Haze’. This has resulted in a strain that is about 80% sativa-dominant; and is rightfully known as a day-time smoke.

Fortunately, the long haze buds this plant produces are still firm thanks to the indica influences. With a classic Mexican Hazey-flavor that gets a unique chocolate twist from the White Choco, this strain is a welcome change for the regular haze smoker. In addition, it is generally a nice discovery for sativa lovers.

White Choco Haze Amsterdam Genetics De Loods Amersfoort
White Choco Haze (Amsterdam Genetics) from De Loods in Amersfoort

Effect White Choco Haze

Still, the aroma and effect of this strain make it clear that it is a sativa. Because after smoking this Amsterdam Genetics strain, the effect quickly rises to your head. After which you can enjoy a good and long-lasting, stimulating head-high. That’s why this strain is ideal for the daytime, at parties and to accompany your favorite (active) hobby.

Coffeeshop De Loods

Moreover, you can’t beat the price on this strain. Because it’s already on the menu at De Loods in Amersfoort for eleven euros. This shop is centrally located in an industrial area in the province Utrecht. Besides, since a recent takeover it has become even more focused on delivering quality. That’s why they now literally offer something for everyone. Ranging from the accessible haze strains like this one, to the more exotic strains like Blue Zkittlez.

Are you an enthusiast yourself? Then don’t miss out on this cool shop! It is currently being re-build, but you can just drop by to pick up your favorite weed or hash from the menu.

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