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#BOLO from Candy Paint Flowers is an amazingly terpy strain from California, created with passion by @artistformerlynamedgrape. This grower is not linked to Candy Paint anymore, since a corporate take-over; though he will continue to develop new strains under a new name. That means that this batch might be one of the last ones you see in this high quality! Luckily The High Cloud got their hands on some, for a last good Strain Review of BOLO Runtz:

BOLO Runtz strain review

This BOLO Runtz (BOLO = Be On Look Out) was bred and grown with passion by @artistformerlynamedgrape 👨🏻‍🌾 It is noticeable in the firm, perfectly trimmed buds, that treat your eyes to a truly beautiful color pallete. Varying from fresh green to dark purple with bright orange pistils in between. Moreover, the buds are completely covered by a thick layer of trichomes. Which makes your mouth water from the sight of BOLO alone.

These BOLO Runtz-buds are of the highest possible quality

That feeling is supported by the deliciously sweet, yet gassy scent coming off of this special strain. Which is due to a complex terpene-profile, created by crossing Gelato with Zkittlez. Giving this cannabis variety a tasty sweet-sour Z-terp flavor, well-rounded by the creamy gassiness of the Gelato. A combination that tastes so good, that many cannasoirs have listed BOLO in their top-5 strains of the past year.

Effect BOLO Runtz

The strain tastes amazing, but will also provide a long lasting and well-noticeable effect; thanks to the ernomously high terpene concentration in this strain. While the Z-terps are quickly felt cerebrally, you’ll be able to enjoy a long-lasting and almost psychedelic experience. Supported by a THC content of a whopping 26-28%.

The last good BOLO?!

In short, this flower is one of the highest possible quality. Although it might be the last time we see it like this… Considering the breeder (and master grower) of this strain doesn’t work with Candy Paint anymore, since a corporate takeover. On Instagram, the breeder says that the ‘Chads’ who entered the company, will never reach his level of quality. Suggesting that this might be the last good batch of BOLO ever!

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